About the Shasta River

The Shasta river runs north from Mount Shasta

For thousands of years, since the last ice age, the Shasta River was where up to half of all salmon returning to the entire Klamath and Trinity watersheds came back to spawn.

The foundation of that phenomenal productivity still exists. The glacier-fed springs of Mount Shasta together with cold clear snow-melt from Mount Eddy, the highest mountain in the Klamath range, combine to create the Shasta River — a river with the right balance of low velocity, perfect temperatures and the key nutrients needed to create ideal spawning habitat for native coho and Chinook salmon.

Even though its productivity has decreased dramatically over the past 100 years, due to massive irrigation development and near-total lack of concern for impacts on the natural system, much of it can be restored if we citizens move to assure there will be enough clean, cool water in the stream for fish to live and reproduce.

Our mission: restoration of Shasta River water quantity and quality for the benefit of wildlife and humanity.