Timeline: 125 Years
A Brief History of Beaughan Springs Water Rights

1880s Ditch brings domestic water to Griffin, Williams, Prescott, Morris, and Arbaugh ranches.

1909  Adjudication provides 2.0 cfs of water to township of Weed for domestic and municipal use in name of Weed Lumber Company.

1932  Adjudication provides 2.0 cfs of water to township of Weed for domestic and municipal use, in name of Long Bell Lumber Co.

1959  Provides 2.0 cfs of water to Weed Water Co. a subsidiary of International Paper Co.

1961  City of Weed incorporated, however, the decree was not changed to reflect this new political subdivision and change in land ownership.

1966  City of Weed purchases Beaughan delivery, supply and storage systems, for $150,000 and signs a lease with International Paper Co. for 2.0 cfs of water for 50 years at $1.00 per year in lieu of fire protection, sewer system, domestic water. (No legal challenge from city)

1982  International Paper Co. closes doors. IP and watermaster agree to give right of 2.0 cfs of water to the City of Weed, directly ending 50-year lease.

1983 Roseburg Forest Products buys the mill.

1996  City of Weed and Crystal Geyser begin to explore leasing of water. Roseburg claims ownership of the water right and that the 50-year lease from 1966 is still in effect. Neither Roseburg nor the City has documentation. Roseburg begins selling water to Crystal Geyser without any legal challenge from the City.

2011  Watermaster sends letter to Weed City stating 1961 decrees were not changed when subdivision property changed ownership and water rights will have to be determined by court. Negotiations begin. Roseburg says no lease available, want City off Beaughan water. (No legal Challenge from City)

2014  City of Weed agrees to lease 0.89 cfs of water from JH Baxter and Roseburg immediately sues Baxter claiming ownership of this water as well.  Suit is settled in Roseburg’s favor.

2016  Following City of Weed’s declaration of a water emergency, Roseburg offers City a 10 year lease for 1.5 cfs of water, price rises to $97,500 per year with a whole host of other expenses to be paid by city (drainage & etc…). Under duress, City agrees to Water Lease Agreement. Water for Citizens of Weed CA (WCWC) forms to oppose Roseburg’s water grab. Crystal Geyser Roxane CEO admits that the company intends to purchase the disputed 2.0 cfs and threatens to “blow up” the water bottling plant in Weed if the company doesn’t get its way. New York Times covers the story, leading to a flurry of interest in the issue both in the region and more widely.

2017  WCWC files complaint with Scott Shasta Water Master District. Following City decision to join the complaint, Roseburg sues the City, WCWC and nine individuals. In December, WCWC and Weed 9 are dismissed from Roseburg’s suit.

2019 City of Weed worried about costs of lawsuit, concedes giving Roseburg legal title to the water right. City files eminent domain claim to recover the right to the full 2.0 cfs of Beaughan Springs water.

2021 City of Weed, Roseburg and CG Roxane come to agreement. City gains full 2.0 cfs water right in perpetuity.

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